Sally Iddles Fabulous Food



quotation1My food philosophy has always been the same: great food, simply prepared with love and respect. We work closely with suppliers we trust to make sure the produce is of the highest quality, as well as seasonal. I cook instinctively, without fuss, to bring out the best in the ingredients.

I love what I do – and am passionate about making my food look and taste simply fabulous.

I am very conscious about how we impact the environment in everything we do. Because of this, I always source sustainable and local food as much as possible – and we take care to recycle after every event.

I also believe it’s crucial for my team to understand the food we create – how it’s cooked, where it comes from and exactly what goes into each dish. Which is why I make sure that everyone who supports us – from the suppliers to the staff – appreciate my food philosophy.    quotation2