Sally Iddles Fabulous Food



Who doesn’t love a wedding? And our job is to make sure that the biggest party you’ll ever throw is in safe hands. We’re here to help – with the theme, the food, the styling, the drinks. It’s what we do best. It doesn’t matter how many weddings we plan, each couple is unique – and so are their weddings.

Whatever the theme of your day, whether you want vintage chic, an Eco wedding, a Thai banquet or a Middle Eastern feast, we make sure every fork is polished and every soufflé has risen to the occasion. And we can add tricks too, if you’d like: a cocktail bar with flaring and mixology (that’s cocktail barmen who fling the bottles around to you and me) or maybe you’d prefer candy trees, or Asian street food served on a rickshaw.

We are here to plan not just the fabulous food and service, but also mastermind all the things which go unnoticed on the day. We’ll keep a careful watch over your best man, your best lady – or any other key player to make sure the supporting cast do their jobs too! We’ll work with you on every aspect from the colour of the napkins to the Egyptian cotton towels in the portaloos (yes, really!)

Our food